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Shuichi Yukita
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
Hosei University, Tokyo, JAPAN


This page contains links to my teaching materials for some undergraduate and graduate courses.

Theory of Computation

This lecture takes its basic materials from Sipser's book on "Theory of Computation," M.I.T. Press.

Category Theory for Computer Science

This lecture is based on R.F.C. Walter's book on "Categories and Computer Science," Cambridge Univ. Press.

Discrete Mathematics

Lecture Note Solutions/Hints to Problems
Set Theory Solutions
Relations Solutions
Closures, Equivalence Relations, and Orders Solutions
Functions and Algorithms Solutions
Logic and Propositional Calculus Solutions
Vectors and Matrices Solutions
Counting Solutions
Graph Theory Solutions
Graph Theory (Continued) Solutions
Directed Graphs Solutions
Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra Solutions
Languages, Grammars, and Machines Solutions

Computer Algebra System

Computer Algebra System (Needs Revision)

Notes on Sieradski's book

Seminar Talk Supplements

Java 2005